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Arkin Institute’s provision of free CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) mock tests exemplifies its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), reflecting a dedication to educational empowerment and social welfare. The CLAT mock tests serve as a valuable resource for aspiring law students, aiding them in their preparation for this crucial examination.

By offering these mock tests at no cost, Arkin Institute contributes to the democratization of education, breaking down financial barriers that may hinder some individuals from accessing quality preparatory materials. This initiative aligns with the fundamental principle that education should be inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

Moreover, Arkin Institute’s CSR endeavor demonstrates a keen understanding of the transformative impact education can have on individuals and society at large. Aspiring lawyers play a crucial role in shaping the legal landscape and contributing to justice and fairness. By providing free CLAT mock tests, Arkin Institute actively supports the development of a skilled and knowledgeable legal workforce, thereby contributing to the overall betterment of the legal system.

This philanthropic gesture not only benefits individual students but also resonates with a broader societal impact, fostering a culture of educational support and uplifting the community as a whole. Arkin Institute’s CSR commitment to education, as exemplified through the free CLAT mock tests, sets a commendable precedent for other institutions to follow, emphasizing the pivotal role that education plays in driving positive social change.

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CLAT exam syllabus and pattern


The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a highly competitive entrance examination in India, designed to assess the aptitude and skills of candidates seeking admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programs at prestigious national law universities. The CLAT exam syllabus and pattern undergo periodic revisions to ensure that it reflects the evolving demands of the legal profession.

For the undergraduate program (UG), the CLAT exam primarily evaluates candidates in the areas of English Language, Current Affairs, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques. The English section assesses language proficiency, comprehension, and grammar. The Current Affairs section tests candidates’ awareness of national and international events. Legal Reasoning evaluates the ability to comprehend legal principles and apply them to various situations, while Logical Reasoning assesses analytical and critical thinking skills. The Quantitative Techniques section examines basic mathematical skills.

The postgraduate program (PG) CLAT exam focuses on Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, Family Law, Property Law, and Company Law. The pattern involves a mix of objective and subjective questions, designed to gauge the depth of legal knowledge and analytical prowess of candidates.

CLAT follows a negative marking system, where incorrect answers result in a deduction of marks. The exam is conducted in an online, computer-based mode, adding an element of adaptability and efficiency to the assessment process.

To prepare for the CLAT exam, candidates are advised to not only cover the prescribed syllabus but also stay updated on current affairs and legal developments. Regular practice through mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers is crucial for enhancing time management and familiarity with the exam pattern.

In conclusion, the CLAT exam syllabus and pattern demand a comprehensive understanding of legal concepts, critical thinking skills, and a strong grasp of the English language. Success in CLAT opens doors to some of the finest law schools in India, making it a pivotal step for aspiring legal professionals.

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NIFT mock tests for free by Arkin Institute as per latest exam patter of NIFT


Arkin Institutes’ NIFT mock tests serve as an invaluable resource for aspiring fashion designers, facilitating a robust preparation for the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) entrance exam. Crafted with precision and aligned with the latest exam patterns, these mock tests offer students a comprehensive and authentic experience, effectively mirroring the challenges of the actual NIFT entrance exam.

One of the distinct advantages of Arkin Institutes’ NIFT mock tests is their meticulous adherence to the most current exam patterns. This alignment ensures that students are not only familiar with the types of questions they will encounter but are also well-versed in the time constraints of the exam. By providing an accurate simulation of the real NIFT entrance exam environment, these mock tests contribute significantly to minimizing test-day anxiety and enhancing time management skills.

Furthermore, Arkin Institutes’ NIFT mock tests go beyond replication; they offer detailed feedback and performance analysis. This feature enables students to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a targeted and strategic approach to their preparation. The institute’s commitment to staying current with the latest trends in the NIFT entrance exam ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges posed by the ever-evolving examination.

In essence, Arkin Institutes’ NIFT mock tests stand as a pillar of support in the journey towards securing the highest scores in the real NIFT entrance exam. By prioritizing accuracy, relevance, and comprehensive preparation, Arkin Institutes empowers fashion design aspirants to confidently face the NIFT exam, ultimately maximizing their potential for success in the competitive field of fashion education.

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Free Online Mock Test for UCEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED entrance exam, some sample questions.


To excel in entrance exams like UCEED, NID, NIFT, CEED, and NATA, students must prioritize regular mock tests. These practice exams not only familiarize them with the test format but also enhance time management and problem-solving skills. Mock tests simulate real exam conditions, helping students gauge their performance, identify weaknesses, and refine their strategies. Consistent practice builds confidence, reduces exam anxiety, and ensures a better understanding of the syllabus. Ultimately, the repetition of mock tests refines their exam-taking abilities, increasing the likelihood of success in these competitive design and architecture entrance exams.

Here are a few sample questions on general observation of day to day things and surrounding.

1. Question: What is the purpose of the ridges on the edge of most coins?

2. Question: Why do most keyboards have small bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys?

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How observation of surroundings and day to day objects, help in developing creativity required to crack UCEED, NID, NIFT, NATA and CEED exams.


In the pursuit of cracking the UCEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED exam, keen observation of surroundings and objects with meticulous attention to detail is paramount. This practice hones creativity by training the mind to perceive subtle nuances and intricate features.

The exam, designed to assess design aptitude, rewards those who can translate the richness of their observations into innovative solutions.

Developing a heightened sensitivity to form, color, and context not only refines artistic skills but also cultivates a unique perspective crucial for success in UCEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED. By immersing oneself in the minutiae of the environment, aspirants sharpen their creative edge, unlocking the potential to excel in the exam’s multifaceted challenges.

why observation to surrounding and object with minute details is important in developing creativity required to crack UCEED exam

Some sample questions on day to day observation:-

1. Question: Which of the following is a feature typically associated with an escalator?
– A) Rotating steps
– B) Fixed steps
– C) Handrails
– D) Manual operation

2. Question: In a standard traffic light sequence, which color follows green?
– A) Red
– B) Yellow
– C) Blue
– D) Orange

Take FREE Mock Tests to practice such questions.

How observation of surroundings and day to day objects, help in developing creativity required to crack UCEED, NID, NIFT, NATA and CEED exams.2023-11-12T11:17:22+05:30

How to prepare for Common Law Admission Test CLAT in short time


Preparing for the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy and dedication, you can increase your chances of success. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the CLAT effectively:

1. Understand the Exam Structure:
It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the CLAT exam pattern. CLAT typically consists of five sections: English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. Each section carries a specific weightage, so understand the distribution of marks and plan your preparation accordingly.

2. Create a Study Plan:
Develop a well-structured study plan that covers all the sections. Allocate specific time for each subject based on your strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic with your goals and make sure your study schedule is balanced to prevent burnout.

3. Study Material and Resources:
Gather the right study materials, including CLAT preparation books, online resources, and coaching materials if necessary. Take advantage of online mock tests and question banks to practice and gauge your progress. Additionally, join online forums and connect with peers to exchange ideas and tips. Take free mock tests of CLAT by clicking

4. Practice and Revision:
Regular practice is the key to success. Solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format and improve your time management skills. As the exam date approaches, allocate more time for revision to consolidate your knowledge and boost your confidence.

In conclusion, a successful CLAT preparation strategy involves understanding the exam structure, creating a well-planned study schedule, gathering the right resources, and consistent practice. By following these guidelines, you can enhance your chances of performing well in the CLAT and secure admission to some of the top law schools in India. Stay focused and committed to your goals, and you’ll be on the path to success.

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Arkin self study mock tests for UCEED, CEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CLAT, NDA, Hotel management, IPMAT, Management, UPSC, CUET etc. where one can access free self study material with mock tests and learning digital books. 


Arkin self study mock tests for UCEED, CEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CLAT, NDA, Hotel management, IPMAT, Management, UPSC, CUET etc. where one can access free self study material with mock tests and learning digital books.

  • Online self study material
  • Mock tests
  • Previous years papers with solutions
  • Online Free demo classes
  • Free access to many mock tests and self study material digital books
Arkin self study mock tests for UCEED, CEED, NID, NIFT, NATA, CLAT, NDA, Hotel management, IPMAT, Management, UPSC, CUET etc. where one can access free self study material with mock tests and learning digital books. 2023-11-12T11:22:28+05:30

How to prepare for CLAT exam in short time


How to prepare for CLAT exam in short time

How to prepare for CLAT exam in short time?

One alwasy wonder why CLAT exam has new paper style and question pattern?

As we all know, as an practicing lawyer, one has to go through lot of documents. A lawyer must have ability to read the document and comprehend it in detail. He must be able to ‘read between lines’  to prepare his case.

So for this, an aptitude to read long long passages, pages and books is the most important for any future lawyer. So CLAT exam has changed its paper style and question pattern to include maximum Reading Comprehension type questions. By this way students aptitude can be judged.

To practice for CLAT exam in shortest possible time is to go through maximum reading comprehension type questions from various subjects and topics. By this way one can practice for CLAT in shortest possible time.

You can take reading comprehension type questions .

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Mock Test | Free Mock Test | Online test series


Free mock test and online test series

Arkin offeres online mock test and online test series on various exams like Bank & Insurance, SSC & Railways, CTET & Teaching,CDS & Defence, CLAT and Law exams, Hotel Management, NID, UCEED, CEED, NATA, IPMAT,UPSC & State Services etc.

Students may take free sample mock test and then may go for complete package of Online test series of their subject.

All tests are parepared and updated regularly as per new exam pattern of various exams so students will alwasy get updated content.

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